If you have a plan to make a birthday party in your home for your child, you already in the right place. Many parents from the Netherlands must be want to give verlanglijstje tips for their child, and one of the best gifts is a great birthday party. Balloons can be great and can possibly be considered regular accessories of children’s birthday decorations. But balloons are not for everyone. Here are other tips to decorate your home for a birthday party without balloons.

Shape the Plant in Your Garden

If you plan on make a garden party your need to start to prepare all you need and start to decor it. You can adjust the accessories as you need and make a little renovate of your plants. You can shape the plants into a cute animals or other shape that will be loved by the children.

Use Cardboard to Shape the Accessories

CardboardBalloon phobia, the stress over balloons, is a very current disease. And, of course, some people don’t like paperclips for no other reason than they don’t like bows. A child will recoil at anything that catches his attention; no doubt that a soft, shiny ball will get his attention. Perhaps a small popped balloon might snag the child’s moth. A popped balloon looks like something that might be delicious. Therefore, you can replace it with using cardboard and shape it as you want. You to buy them already made, order some to create your own in your theme, or make them very easily using thick cardboard or moderate craft cardboard. You can put the cardboard as a decoration birthday party in your home. You just need to adjust the shape of the cupboard that suits your room.

Use Clip Art

BirthdayMarking little faces on paper plates would be the easiest, but if you’re enthusiastic about it, it’s much easier than you imagine to make your own lawn art from scratch. If you’re looking for cool images, try using some clip art from the internet or even images from children’s coloring books that yield great results. So, you can put this clip art as one of the decoration parties in your home.

Birthday Streamer in Your Living Room

If you plan to make a birthday party in living room, then streamers could be the best choice. Streamers in a children’s birthday party are always common. It’s best to have them in thin strips, two to a foot long, to reduce the chances of someone tripping over them. Don’t worry if some fall to the ground. The messy shade is what does that particular job.…