pest control

Pests are nuisance creatures that pose a severe threat to both plants and animals. There are different types of pests that you can find in your garden or home, including termites, mice, fleas, flies, mosquitoes. Pests infestation can cause a harmful effect on people, their food supplies, stock, and surroundings.

People are advised to maintain good hygiene to reduce the level of infestation or control pests in their homes. For instance, you should throw trash in bins, and keep your household items, cupboards, lawns floor, and benches clean. Stagnant water from the garden, pools, and buckets should also be removed. Outlined here below are the proven way of getting rid of pests.

Biological Control Method

a greenhouse

This method is mainly is practiced in greenhouses to control pests. Natural enemies of these creatures, like pathogens, predators, and parasites, are introduced to interfere with the pest‘s ability to breed. The biological method is safe for natural wildlife, family, and plants. Environmentalists advocate for this method since it does not involve the use of hazardous pesticides. For you to be successful with this method, you should use appropriate species of predators or pathogens under proper conditions.

Organic Control Method

There are natural methods that target certain pests without harming other animals and plants in the process. You can use such methods to minimize the level of damage caused by small animals and insects. This is considered as one of the best methods used controlling household and garden pests. Some of the products used to control pests naturally include essential oils, insecticidal soaps, floating row covers, parasitic nematodes, and oil sprays.

Chemical Pesticides


There are different types of pesticides that you can use to deal with pest infestation issues in your far, office, stress ad homes. One should be very careful when using pesticides because most of them are hazardous. This means that they can easily contaminate water, food, air, and land. They are also dangerous to living organisms and people using them.

Hygiene Control

As mentioned earlier, humans can get rid of or control pests at offices and homes by practicing good hygiene. For instance, trash should be thrown in bins secured in wraps. All the household items ans dishes should be washed and dried after use. Also, use natural fertilizers and fresh mulch in the garden to get rid of pests in your garden. To keep your resident pest free, you should try and maintain a healthy and clean living.…