The Benefits of Wearing Masks at Home

A growing body of research suggests that a mask is a powerful tool that could help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The virus has subsequently sickened nearly 3 million Americans. One thing that professionals suggest is that people at home should also wear masks. By reading a poll by, you can learn about a study that South Carolina is one of the states with the most negative view of masks. Below are the benefits of wearing masks at home.

Protects Your Family

MaskMasks can protect your family. A new simulation by scientists at Florida Atlantic University illustrates exactly how effective face covers can be in reducing the number of droplets entering the air and the distance they travel. Without a mask, the droplets traveled five feet. Many news reports have advised that people at home should wear masks.

Prevents Spread of Virus

Until now, masks were only defenses for women and men who knew they had COVID-19 to protect others. That makes it incredibly difficult to find out who is a potential carrier of the virus, Waldman says. Some people may not know that they are infected with the virus. Wearing a mask can help avoid the spread of the virus among family members.

Reduces Risk of Illness

Sick Think of this as a collective benefit: The more people who block transmission of the virus with facial edges, the less virus there will be circulating locally. This reduces the risk of illness for everyone. “If that cord is cut somewhere, then the virus can’t spread or transmit,” Waldman says. So in the case where you’re around the face of the sender or the other side of the recipient of the viral transmission, even if you’re willing to stop the virus at each end of that array, then everyone benefits.

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